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 Pandemic Survival Review

por Lenna hagarty (2020-05-20)

Survival Kit for Your Automobile Assemble a Pandemic Survival   survival kit for your automobile with the following items. Storing some of these supplies in a small bag or backpack will make them more convenient to carry if you need to walk. Blankets Bottled water Change of clothes Coins for telephone calls Fire extinguisher — multipurpose, dry chemical type First aid kit and manual Emergency signal device (light sticks, battery-type flasher, reflector, etc.) Flashlight with fresh batteries Food (nonperishable — nutrition bars, trail mix, etc.) Gloves Local map and compass Rope for towing, rescue, etc. Paper and pencils Premoistened towelettes Prescription medicines Battery-operated radio with fresh batteries Small mirror for signaling Toilet tissue Tools (pliers, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, etc.) Whistle for signaling Jumper cables Duct tape

What is Pandemic Survival?